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Map of Altenau and environment.
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Here you will find various descriptions of surroundings around Altenau


Altenau is a health resort and winter sports center, located in the Samtgemeinde Upper Harz in Lower Saxony, in the west of resin. Altenau received in 1617 Stadsrechte and is the youngest of seven Upper Harz mining towns.

Holzkirche in Altenau

Among the tourist attractions of Altenau among others include the wooden church from the 17th Century town houses built in the typical architectural style of the Harz.

Area of Altenau provides an opportunity for many sporting activities: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, ice skating, sledding and Nordic walking.

Kräuterpark in Altenau

It is also worth the effort to visit the largest herbal park in Germany, with many different types of herbs.

Beautiful surroundings with a variety of hiking and biking trails, clean air, mountain air and the national park, provide an excellent opportunity to relax in any season.

To Altenau heard of about 8 km away, located in the Harz National Park, the district peat house. This is the highest point of the B4 to about 800 m and consists mainly of tourism enterprises.

Torfhaus "Brockenblick"

From the hamlet of peat house has an impressive view to the Brocken. Here also the 8-km long starts gently rising trail "Goetheweg" to Brocken peak

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